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The CSI Icons x 100 Marathon
Recent Entries 
TWW - Josh/Donna
Artists Choice 75-100, icon table now complete.

Follow this link for the new icons and this for my main table.
9th-May-2008 07:32 pm - Failure to complete
TWW - Josh/Donna
I'm 26 icons short and 2 days past my completion date. Am I correct in thinking that even if I make the rest of the icons I assume that there is little point in posting them here?

I plan to make the rest of the icons and post them on my LJ. My 100 icons were Lindsay Monroe CSI:NY Season 2
6th-May-2008 04:20 pm - Last batch CSI: Las Vegas, Nick/Greg
I am so sorry! I forgot to post the last batch on the expected date! Hope you all can forgive me! RL came in the way!


Here is my complete table
[sw] Jyn x Cassian

Subject: Lindsay Monroe (100 icons)
Show: CSI:NY
Batch: 3 (23 - 34)
Themes: 6. anxiety, 26. war, 27. peace, 28. noise, 29. silence, 30. skin, 34. cold, 36. grin, 37. frown, 3 artist's choice
Additional notes: Comments are love and very much appreciated. :)


The rest is here
23rd-Apr-2008 08:55 pm - csi las vegas, nick/greg
Comment: BlueHawaiien
Claim: CSI:Las Vegas: Nick/Greg
First Batch is due by: 3rd February 2008
Last Batch is due by: 4th May 2008


TWW - Josh/Donna
My next batch of CSI 100 icons and I've updated the main table too.

They're all Artists Choice icons.

The icons
13th-Apr-2008 11:43 pm - CSI Las Vegas, claim: Nick/Greg
Second batch of CSI: Las Vegas; Nick/Greg.
Last Batch is due by: 4th May 2008

Lute and globe
Subject - CSI:Miami - Ryan / Eric
Batch - #6 - 87-100/100
Themes - Corpse, Locked, Angst + 11 Artist's Choice

Batch #6 here

Main table here
23rd-Mar-2008 02:44 pm - CSI:NY - Aiden Burn 100/100
[tv] lost girl
Username: domilie_fan
Claim: Aiden Burn
Show: CSI:NY
Batch: #2 (100/100)
Rules: 1. Comment and Credit if you take anything. 2. No hotlinking. 3. Textless icons are not bases.
Warning: The text on icon #84 may or may not offend some people. I personally don't think so; it's just a silly saying that I think fit Aiden's expression in the icon and one that I think she would say in that situation. Nevertheless, you've been warned.


TWW - Josh/Donna
- Available for snagging, please credit me.
- Text-less icons are not bases.
- Enjoy

New Icons and my Main Table

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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